HVH Insurance offers personal floaters for nearly any collection… whether it be furs, jewelry, fine arts, computer or camera equipment, rare coins, fire arms, and more, we will create a custom tailored policy for your specific needs. We pride ourselves on understanding the complexities associated with unique collections, high value items, and security measures necessary to indemnify you correctly in the event of a loss. We offer flexibility and a broad product offering that allows you to customize coverage’s and insure your valuable assets as needed, assuring you only pay for what you need. Contact one of our specialty agents today to assess your individual needs.

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Category Types of Items
Jewelry Anklets, bracelets, cuff links, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, watches and other jewelry items.
Fine Arts (fragile, non-fragile, unscheduled) Antiques, books, china, crystal, collectibles, fine arts, furniture, glass, lithographs, mirrors, rugs, tapestries, paintings, pictures, sculptures. Both Fragile and non-fragile fine arts are eligible.
Furs Furs
Cameras * Cameras, projection machines and audio visual equipment for personal use. Professionally used items are not eligible.
Sporting Equipment * Non-professional use of sporting equipment such as golfer’s equipment and other sporting equipment.
Musical Instruments (non-professional) * Pianos and other musical instruments used personally and predominantly at the residence. Professionally used and touring instruments are not eligible.
Silverware Silverware and related items.
Postage Stamps Postage Stamps and related items.
Rare Coins & Collections Coins (including gold and silver), baseball cards, comics, LP’s and other similar collections.
Computers & Media * Computers, laptops, and media for personal use. Professional/business used items are not eligible.
Wine Wine and similar collections of alcohol.
Golf Carts * Golf Carts
Guns/Firearms Guns and firearms that are part of a collection.
Bicycles * All types of bicycles
Other Miscellaneous Items Valuables and collections that do not fit into the above categories.
Coverages Available
All Risk Coverage, Earthquake, Wind, Transit, Worldwide, Unscheduled Jewelry, Unscheduled Fine Arts, and more…
Additional Information
Blanket Coverage:

Blanket coverage is allowed for jewelry and fine arts subject to the following:

  1. For blanket jewelry, scheduled jewelry is required and the scheduled jewelry limit cannot be less than the blanket jewelry limit.
  2. Blanket fine arts requires either scheduled fine arts or scheduled jewelry.


Typically, a central station alarm is required for schedules of $100,000 or more in value.

A permanently installed non-portable safe is required for schedules with $100,000 or more of jewelry.

The above are not warranties on the policy but are requirements to obtain coverage

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