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Whether you own a small mom and pop shop or you have a multi-million dollar corporation, we can help you get the right policies in place to protect your business.

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Let’s start by helping you understand the various lines of Business Insurance

General Liability

General Liability Insurance is designed to protect business owners and operators from damages or injuries to others who are generally not members of the insured business or organization. Exposures may include liability arising from accidents resulting from the insured’s premises or operations, products, operations completed, and contractual liability. General Liability insurance covers claims of bodily injury or other physical injury or property damage, personal injury (including slander or libel) and advertising injury.

The insurance company has the right to defend any suit against the insured seeking damages on account of such bodily injury or property damage, even if any of the allegations of suit are groundless, false or fraudulent, and to make such investigation and settlement of any claim or suit as it deems expedient. However, the company is not obligated to pay any claim or judgment or to defend any suit after applicable limit of the company’s liability has been exhausted by payments of judgments or settlements.

Business Owners' Policy (BOP)

A Business Owners’ Policy includes general liability coverage’s but can also cover; equipment used in the course of business, furniture, business property, scheduled inventory, etc.

Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds are for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and other Professionals. These bonds assure the professional does their job according to locals laws and regulations.

Contract bonds are used to guarantee that construction professionals fulfill their contractual obligations when working on a construction project. They ensure projects are completed on time and keep project owners from loosing their investments.

Workers' Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance provides for workers’ compensation, employer’s liability, and voluntary compensation coverage’s at the work place or during work. This coverage agreement obligates the insurer to pay all compensation and other benefits required of the insured by the workers compensation law or occupational disease law of any state listed in the policy.

The coverage applies to bodily injury by accident and by disease. Coverage (A) shows no dollar limit for the benefits provided since any applicable limits would be those established within the law. Benefits under coverage (A) are paid to the employee without regard to fault. Give us a call today to get you the right workers’ compensation policy that fits your business needs.

***If you have even one employee, you need workers’ compensation! Your GL does not cover injuries or compensation to your employees. This is a requirement by law and must be carried in force at all times when your business has employees.

Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions

Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions insurance provides coverage for liability resulting from errors or omissions in the performance of professional duties.

Professional liability insurance provides coverage for specialists in various professional fields such as banking, accounting, law, insurance and real estate.

Basic liability policies do not protect against many situations arising out of business or professional pursuits. Professional liability insurance is purchased by individuals who hold themselves out to the general public as having greater than average expertise in particular areas to cover one such gap.

Commercial Buildings

Whether you own you a small retail location, an apartment complex, or a high-rise, we can offer comprehensive liability and property coverage for you real estate investment. Even if your investment is located in a flood, fire, or earthquake zone, we can find a package that fits your needs.

Commercial Property Insurance is any type of insurance that indemnifies an insured party who suffers a financial loss because property has been damaged or destroyed. Property is considered to be any item that has a value. Property can be classified as real property or personal property. Real property is land and the attachments to the land, such as buildings. The insuring agreement in the Building and Personal Property coverage form promises to pay for direct physical loss or damage to covered property at the premises described in the policy when caused by, or resulting from, a covered cause of loss.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance is a must if you drive a car in the course of business, it ‘s likely not covered by your personal auto policy. Whether it’s a delivery truck, limo, taxi, or a fleet of company vehicles, we can provide the protections for you.

Business automobile provides coverage for bodily injury or property damages your business may become liable for as a result of the operation or use of a motor vehicle on behalf of the business. It may also provide physical damage protection – Comprehensive and collision – for your business on specifically listed vehicles.

Specialty Insurance

We offer coverage for special events like productions, weddings, charity events as well as medium and large premium accounts for Manufacturing, Product Liability, complex risks such race track and track day insurance coverage. Call today to discuss your business, and lets find you the right policy for your needs.

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